15 min haircuts appealing in pandemic days

 | Thu 12 Aug 2021 15:32 ICT

A hairdresser in Mae Rim is making waves by offering haircuts for 35 baht per 15 minutes. Whatever the cut or service (sans treatments) once the clock ticks past 15 minutes, it is another 35 baht.

The hairdresser at P. Pan 7 Market (on the left hand side of the road as heading back to the city from Mae Rim) is called Rot Tang Barber.

Patinya Srisupmat, 34, the proprietor of the salon/tattoo parlour, told CityNews that he has never liked being mainstream and he had noticed that prices in normal salons depend on the cut. For him, however, it is not about the cut but the shape of a person’s head, therefore each cut, even of the same style, takes a different amount of time.

He said that he therefore came up with a quarter-tier system whereby the first fifteen minutes costs 35 baht, the next 15 minutes is an extra 35 baht taking it to 70 baht, and so on and so forth. This means that people with very little money can come in for a quick cut while people who want something more complex can take as much time as they want, knowing that they will be paying more.

He said that most of his customers are students and their cuts take between 16-20 minutes, which puts them in the 70 baht price range.

He said that he will even stop the clock if a client has to take a phone call!