100 Motorbikes Stolen in Chiang Mai – Thieves Finally Caught

 | Tue 4 Mar 2014 10:48 ICT

CityNews – Chiang Mai Police have arrested a man, Noppadol Chaidok (23) and a teenager only known as Ae, who are believed to have stolen over 100 motorcycles from hot spots around the city.

They were apprehended at a property in the city centre where 13 stolen motorcycles and parts of 50 more motorcycles were recovered. When questioned, it was found that the men stole the motorbikes to dismantle them and sell the valuable parts online.

The police later learned that Noppadol had stolen over 100 motorcycles and that it only took him around two minutes to make off with a vehicle. They also found that the teenager was the one who took apart the motorbikes for their parts and managed to sell them on the internet, although they only made around 2,000 baht per bike. The two culprits they simply spent the money they earned on entertaining themselves.