100 Armed Police Raid Zoe in Yellow, No Criminals Found

 | Fri 19 Feb 2016 08:09 ICT

CityNews – Last night, 18th February, one hundred police officers and tourist police officers raided and roped off the Zoe in Yellow entertainment complex, refusing to let tourists go, testing urine for drugs and arresting tourists without a passport on them.

zoe raid

At 10pm last night, the police raided the complex, quickly roping off the area with police tape to stop anybody leaving or entering.

Some of the police were armed with assault rifles.

The police did random urine testing on many party goers but found no evidence for any substance abuse.

No weapons, drugs or other dangerous items were found on any of the people there.

Immigration police found no evidence of anyone overstaying their visas.

All the tourists who did not have their passport with them were taken to Chiang Mai police station and processed.