Hot headed man caught ranting about Thailand, PM

 | Thu 24 Oct 2019 14:22 ICT

CityNews – 23rd October 2019, A 24-year-old man wearing glasses, now nicknamed, ‘Glasses Guy’ has apologised after managing to offend millions of Thai people over the weekend when a video of him shouting his privilege and insulting all a sundry following a car accident in Bangkok went viral.

The video, which shows him shouting, while a female companion apologises on his behalf, gained over 10 million views on social media in the first five hours it was shared.

In the clip, he can be heard calling all Thai people lower class, saying that he was educated abroad and wanted to relinquish his nationality as he was so embarrassed of classless Thais. He went on to say that he had a million baht in his current account and that he knew top policemen, asking the driver of the other car in the incident whether he had that kind of money, and offering to show him his bank account. He said that he looks down on all Thai people, even the prime minister, and that he was driving a 1.2 million baht car, having everything that the other man didn’t have.

Following the incident, Kasa Development, where the young man is employed, has announced that it has terminated his employment.

The man posted on Facebook later to apologise to all Thai people and to the pickup driver.

“I have now negotiated with the pickup driver and am willing to pay compensation to him.  I hope the story stops here.  I am the sole person responsible for the incidence, my wife [the female companion] is not involved at all. She tried her best to dissuade me,  I apologise for my rude wording looking down on other people.  Please don’t bring my wife into this matter.  I am ready to leave Thailand as I have now lost the job.  I lost everything.  I apologise,,” he said.

The incident has sparked widespread debate in the media and on talk shows as to the abuse of privilege in Thailand.


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