Young Brit Now in Stable Condition After Mass Blood Donations Thanks to Social Media

 | Tue 12 Jan 2016 04:12 ICT

CityNews – A 21-year-old British tourist who was hit off her motorbike by a car earlier this week has been relying on local foreigners and backpackers to donate blood after the Rajavej Hospital Chiang Mai ran out of Negative Rhesus (Rh-) blood.


Backpacker Lucy Hill was in Thailand only one week before she was involved in a serious, life threatening road collision which saw her fighting for her life in ICU. Lucy was wearing a helmet but suffered from a brain hemorrhage and other serious injuries.

After undergoing several operations, the Hospital told Lucy Hill’s traveling buddy, Lauren Hall, that the rare A Negative blood type at the hospital had run out.

A Negative is a rare blood group worldwide, and even rarer in Thailand where only 0.1% of the population is Rh-.

Lauren Hall turned to Social Media with a status that would be shared over 100,000 times, from people all over the world.

Since the post was shared, there have been reports of people queuing outside Rajavej Hospital to give blood.

Lucy has been described as in a stable condition by doctors and is relying on the blood donations made over the last few days.

Many friends and family of Lucy Hill expressed their gratitude on social media, thanking all of those who donated blood and helped share the information.

According to reports, Lucy is now in a stable condition.