US Consulate Sharing ‘Real AQI’ Levels Based on PM2.5 on Their Facebook

 | Wed 2 Mar 2016 08:05 ICT

CityNews – The US Consulate of Chiang Mai has taken it upon themselves to share what they refer to as the ‘real AQI’ of Chiang Mai, taken from recordings of PM2.5 levels rather than the standard PM10 levels recorded by the local authorities.

aqi us consulate

An example how the posts are shared. This was taken from a post dated March 1, 2016 – Here.

The World Heath Organization and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency encourage use of PM2.5 values (rather than PM10), since PM2.5 values more accurately predict AQI and potential health concerns from pollution.

(AQI is calculated from the 24-hour average PM2.5 “raw” data posted at at 7:45am March 1 and the AQI calculator at

You can follow the US Consulate of Chiang Mai on Facebook to keep up to date with the PM2.5 levels around the city.