Polluted Moat Concerns Citizens

 | Tue 9 May 2017 09:01 ICT

CityNews – Images of an algae filled moat with dead fish have been circulating online resulting in calls on authorities to do more to maintain the city’s moat.

Images of the moat water from Katam corner to Ku Huang corner show very dirty water, infested with green algae and dead fish.

The dirty moat comes less than one month after the alledged ‘cleaning’ of the moat water for Songkran, which has resulted in netizens expressing concern that the water was not as clean as authorities suggested and that it is an eyesore for Chiang Mai given the high number of tourists passing through. According to local reporters, the water is also giving off a bad smell.

Authorities have began investigating the water and claim the hot weather has resulted in the latest algae bloom which reduced oxygen in the water that can threaten the life of fish and other aquatic animals.

People have been urging authorities to do more to maintain the city’s moat.