Ministry of Agriculture Visits Chiang Mai

 | Mon 25 Apr 2016 05:08 ICT

CityNews – The Ministry of Agriculture visited Chiang Mai to discuss the drought problem and try and help formulate new ways to prevent the drought becoming even worse.

agriculture irrigation meeting

Sudarat Watcharakub from the Ministry of Agriculture visited on April 23, where she visited Jansark Limpiti, Director of Chiang Mai Irrigation, and held a meeting to discuss the status of the Pa-Dad floodgate and other drought related problems.

They both visited Saraphi, San Sai and Hang Dong districts to observe the drought.

Sudarat was worried about the drought problem and asked all departments related to resolving the issue to not turn away and give up but strive to continue working towards saving the country from even more serious drought.

In addition they also began to lay down foundations to a new water irrigation plan that could help save water in the future.