Medical Personnel From Chiang Mai Report on Relief Efforts in Nepal

 | Thu 28 May 2015 07:53 ICT

CityNews – Two medical personnel from Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Medicine have returned to Thailand after spending 17 days in Nepal to help with the earthquake relief effort.

nepal nurse

The Ministry of Public Health approved the sending of medical personnel to Nepal last month.

Dr Phawita Laohakul, from the Emergency Medicine Department of Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital and Pakasinee Kawee, a nurse, traveled to Nepal on May 8.

Dr Phawita:
“I was so glad to help victims here as my dream is to be a volunteer doctor. During this period, they do need help. When we got a chance to help them and we met them, they knew we sincerely intended to help them. So, they loved us and we loved them. I’m proud and happy. Nepal is a quite poor country and the main income is from tourism and agriculture. Now that buildings and historic sites have collapsed, tourism has certainly been affected. It will take over ten years to restore them. Some families kept plant seeds inside their house. When their house collapsed, there was nothing left. It is so sad to see the devastation, so I would like to invite everyone to help by donating to victims in whatever way possible.”

“I’m very glad and proud to be a part of a worldwide effort to help Nepal’s earthquake victims. We provided help in Chandeni, 40 kilometers away from the capital. This city is in the mountains, so the travel is quite difficult. When I arrived there, lots of houses were damaged. Residents faced afflictions. Each day there were over 100 people who came to receive treatment. Despite hard work and safety issues, their kindness made me feel warm throughout the time I was there. Though they lost many things, they were still hospitable and welcomed us with kind hearts.”