Man Saved From Suicide by Brave Policemen

 | Wed 2 Aug 2017 03:41 ICT

CityNews – A man was spotted trying to jump off Nawarat Bridge around 9am on August 1st, suspected of trying to commit suicide, but police managed to help him off the bridge.

According to reports, a Burmese man in his 20s who works in a local construction site was on the edge of the bridge ready to jump off. Passers by went to his aid and called police to help bring him back from the edge of the bridge.

One police officer joined the man on the edge of the bridge in an attempt to prevent him jumping. Once back to safety the man told police that he was in despair after his girlfriend broke up with him after he caught her cheating on him. He was so saddened he was contemplating suicide by jumping off the bridge into the fast moving river.