Kuwaiti Man Thretens to Kill Himself Outside of School

 | Fri 12 Jan 2018 06:15 ICT

CityNews – A Kuwaiti man threatened to commit suicide in public yesterday in Mae Rim after he broke free from a hospital vehicle taking him to the airport to sent him home.

Around noon on January 11, a 29 year old man from Kuwait was being transported from Fang Hospital to the Airport due to undisclosed mental health conditions. During the ride, he attacked ambulance staff before forcing the vehicle to stop where he then ran off. He reportedly stole a knife and hammer from a nearby construction store, and walked to the entrance of Ban Mae Sa School with the knife to his throat.

Police were called to the scene as the man threatened to kill himself, scaring locals. After a 10 minute standoff, police managed to disarm him and give him some water. He finally calmed down and was escorted to Suan Prung Hospital where he will receive treatment before being sent back to his home country as was planned.