Health Office Warns of Heat Stroke

 | Thu 23 Apr 2015 04:36 ICT

CityNews – Despite this week seeing rain and storms blowing down from the north, Dr Surasing Wisarutrat, deputy head of the Chiang Mai Health Office, has warned of the dangers of heat stroke during the hot weather that will certainly return.

warning hot

This year’s weather is hotter than many years passed, and some news sites claimed temperatures reached the hottest recorded in 55 years, but this has been disputed.

There have already been many cases of heat stroke this year and Dr Surasing claims that heat stroke is most common and most dangerous for six specific groups of people:

1) Labourers or those working outdoors
2) Children under five and the elderly
3) People who suffer from hypertension
4) The obese
5) The sleep deprived
6) Alcoholics

If you or somebody you know begins suffering from heat stroke, lie down and elevate the feet to help more blood flow to the brain.

Females should unclip their bra and anyone suffering from heat stroke should also remove excess layers of clothing.

Using a cool damp cloth, apply to the neck, body, armpits, groin and forehead to help the body cool down. Use a fan or a shower to keep the body cool and then when in a more stable state, visit the hospital.

Drinking lots of water is also imperative.

Dr Surasing suggests that people avoid the heat of the day, avoid working or exercising outdoors, wear sunhats and apply sun cream and avoid alcohol.

Anyone who feel symptoms of dizziness, headaches or palpitations are suggested to see a doctor or call the 24-hour medical emergency hotline on 1669 for a consultation.