Gluay Kang, a New Hope for Cancer Patients

 | Tue 23 Jun 2015 09:48 ICT


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Researchers at Chiang Mai University have discovered an anti-cancer substance found in a local flower called gluay kang (mitrephora keithii). The researchers believe that this property can kill cancer in the liver. Gluay kang can be found in Eastern and Southern parts of Thailand.

Assoc. Prof Dr. Rattana Banjerdphongchai, professor of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University, revealed that a substance called anterocarpam which is found in gluay kang is an antioxidant that can kill different types of cancers in culture flasks. After doing the tests, the results showed that anterocarpam substances affect liver cancer cells more than breast cancer cells and it almost has no effect on normal cells. This research is meant to become a model for future research and researchers believe it can bring some hope to finding future solutions to cure cancer.