Chiang Mai Prison Waste Water Affecting Locals

 | Thu 4 Jun 2015 08:35 ICT

CityNews – An inspection was carried out at Chiang Mai Prison after residents near issued a complaint that the prison was contaminating their water on June 2.


An inspection of the prison was carried out yesterday, June 3, and discovered that the water contamination did come from the prison, which was releasing dirty water into the Ping River.

The water released had not undergone any waste water treatment processes.

Despite many requests to the prison to control its waste water better, nothing seemed to have been done.

Residents had previously complained to the governor who ordered fresh water to be released into the river, pushing the pollution downstream.

However, the river soon returned to its polluted state.

Orrapin Mangmoon, a villager from Ban Nhong Kok, said that they have never seen the prison undergo a full clean and that the water is too polluted for them to fish in anymore. Every afternoon villagers visit the waste pumps of the prison and see black sludge being pumped into the river. Even when the waste water is reasonably clean, the smell of pollution stays.