Youth Stabbed to Death Outside Santitham Plaza

 | Mon 4 Aug 2014 21:50 ICT

A youth was stabbed to death outside Chiang Mai’s Santitham Plaza, local media reported today.

Photo from Wikimedia.

The victim was named as Chalermpong Gaensuwanpongsa, 18, of Chiang Mai’s Doi Tao district. He had been stabbed in the chest in the fight, which occurred at around 12.30am on Friday.

Witnesses apprehended his alleged attacker, Pisanu Intha-ai, 26, of Lamphun, at the scene, and detained him until police arrived. Police took a knife for evidence, and say he will be prosecuted for murder.

Reports said the two youths were drunk and had been fighting over a girl. Chalermpong ran away but Pisanu followed him and stabbed him at the parking lot of the Chew pub. The owner told local media that the victim had been drinking in a different pub.