Women Scolded for Praying in No-Women Zone in Local Temple

 | Tue 26 Dec 2017 04:33 ICT

CityNews – Three women were scorned after they went into an ubosot or ordination hall where woman are forbidden to enter, according to the temple’s sign.

A video clip on Facebook account name Pimlapat Aonsee revealed three Thai women came out from the ubosot of Wat Sri Suphan which has a sign reading “Women are not allowed to enter the ordination hall’s area.” According to the report, they were asked to leave by temple’s staff when they were praying inside. When they left the restricted area, a man aggressively scolded at them using strong language. He reportedly was a local person who went to do an offering that day.

The news has gone viral with the accusation that they did not respect the so called Lanna tradition. Citylife will be publishing an article on the 1st of January which asks where this tradition comes from and is it really a Lanna tradition or not.