Woman Stabs ‘Abusive’ Husband to Death

 | Tue 9 Dec 2014 17:23 ICT

CityNews – A woman who stabbed her husband to death in their Mae Chaem home last Thursday told police that he regularly beat her and she could no longer tolerate the abuse.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Officers were called to the house at around 12.30am last Thursday. They found the 40-year-old man lying injured on the kitchen floor, having been stabbed in the chest and the right arm. He later died in hospital.

His 37-year-old wife was holding a bloodstained knife and waiting to give herself up. The couple’s names are being withheld.

The wife told police that they had argued because he thought she was having an affair with another man. He beat her, and she ran into the kitchen. When he followed her, she stabbed him twice.

She said her husband had always beat her when they argued, and she couldn’t stand his physically abusive behaviour any more. She will be prosecuted.