Woman Murdered, Toddler Escapes in Horrific Attack

 | Wed 23 Jul 2014 19:01 ICT

CityNews – Police are hunting a man who killed a 50-year-old woman and attempted to strangle her two-year-old nephew in a horrific attack at a Chiang Mai apartment, reports said today.
wikimediaThe incident occurred at an unnamed apartment building in tambon Pa Daet at around 7pm last night.
The victim was named as Suphatra Surarut, from Saraphi district. Police said she was looking after her two-year-old nephew when a suspected thief entered the apartment and bludgeoned her to death with a blunt object.
He then dragged her body into the toilet before returning to strangle the infant, but was fought off by the child’s mother who had arrived at the scene. After a short scuffle the thief managed to escape, taking a gold necklace weighing one baht with him.
Police said the child had scratches around his neck where the perpetrator had attempted to strangle him, but was otherwise unharmed.
The mother described the perpetrator as tall and thin with dark skin, and wearing a black T-shirt.
Police believe the victim knew the murderer, and that it was a planned attack. The investigation continues.