Wild Elephant Destroys School’s Veg Garden

 | Mon 1 Feb 2016 07:39 ICT

CityNews – A wild elephant caused havoc as it ran through and destroyed a school vegetable plantation at the Khun Mae Tuen Noi School in Omkoi district.

wild elephant

On the afternoon of January 29, the well-known wild elephant from the jungles of Pu Si Dor area, charged into the school and trampled the school’s vegetable plantation.

The elephant is believed to be the same one that often causes havoc in the Tak district, just 10km from the school.

Locals think it may have had a conflict with another elephant and found the school while escaping a fight.

The principle of the school, Ampai Maneewan, has asked authorities to help build a fence to protect the school to prevent any incidents in the future. The school is over 100km away from the main city of Omkoi district.

Forestry officials and locals have teamed up in a bid to help find the elephant and guide it back to the deep jungle in Tak where it is believed to live.