Wat Chedi Luang’s Soldiers Now Gunless

 | Wed 2 Jul 2014 16:33 ICT

CityNews – On July1st, Wat Chedi Luang announced its removal of paintings depicting ancient warriors wielding modern day weapons amid criticisms despite not being politically motivated.

A warrior holding a sniper rifle, that has now been removed.

The controversial paintings have stirred debate since their unveiling in May, prior to the Coup. The modern weapons were part of a creative idea displaying all kinds of weapons from the ancient era to modern day, with other warriors holing swords and other older forms of weaponry.

The Temple, located in the city, initially had paintings of ancient warriors designed to hold modern day weapons including an M16 rifle, M79 grenade launcher, pistols, hand grenades and a sniper rifle. The images have now been re-adjusted to wield weapons more appropriate to their era.

Phra Khru Sophon Kaweewat, who supervised the project, said that he defended the work portrayed by the artist, as it was not politically motivated. However he understood the tensions it caused and wished to end links between the temple and political conflict. The temple attracted a boost in visitors, with many people wanting to see the famous works.