Warning Fake First Prize Lottery is being Sold on FB

 | Mon 22 Apr 2019 12:51 ICT

CityNews – A Facebook account claiming to be a monk’s is selling counterfeit first prize lottery tickets.

A Facebook page Sam Nak Kao Ja Roen Puang posted a warning about a scammer using Facebook to sell counterfeit first prize lottery. The account has been using a monk’s picture as a profile posting that ‘One sale for those drowning in debt! First prize lottery for the April 16th 2019 round. Priced 25,000 – 35,000 baht. The prize is worth 6 million baht.’ According to the report, there are several people who have already paid for the lottery. The post has comments from several users approving the sale saying that they had received the lotteries and were able to pay up 12 million baht debt.

One of the victims revealed that he was interested in the lottery and chatted with him personally via message. The price was 25,000 baht but the victim only had 4,000 to spare so he transferred the money. He was told that the lottery ticket would be delivered within the next day but he never received it.