Villagers Caught in the Act of Grilling a Dog in Lampang

 | Thu 19 Apr 2018 08:43 ICT

CityNews – A group of villagers have been accused of killing and eating a dog in Lampang on April 18.

On April 18, police responded to a report that a dog was seen being abused before being decapitated to eat in Ban Mai Cham Bon, Ton Thong Chai, Lampang.

At the scene, police found a group of villagers circled around a grill with meat on it. It was later confirmed that the meat was dog meat as suspected.

One of the villagers in the group, identified as 35 year old Saipin Songpleiw, told police there had been several dog killings in recent times including poisonings and being hit by cars. A statement given by another group member 35 year old Eed Songplioew revealed that the owner of the dog gave an order to kill him as he was disturbing people in the neighbourhood, chasing motorcycles and killing chickens.

500m away from the grill, police discovered the body and carcas of a dog. The skull appeared to be hit by a hammer. Police are now investigating who actually killed the dog.