US vet seeks lost love one last time

 | Thu 19 Nov 2020 20:37 ICT

A private investigator has been tasked with searching for a Thai lady last known to be living in Chiang Mai approx. 50 years ago.

“Our client is an American man that was stationed in Thailand with the US military in the 1970s,” the investigator told CityNews. “During his time in Thailand, he formed a romance with this lady. After returning to America the couple lost contact and our client, who is now in the later years of his life, would like to speak with her for one last time.”

The firm has been Looking into this case for several weeks and has found no leads or information on this lady.

“Our client has now requested that we contact media outlets with the goal of bringing publicity to the case and we hope this could lead to finding the lady.”

“Due to the passage of time our client does not remember the lady’s name, however, he has kept photos showing the couple together. The lady worked at a hotel in Chiang Mai and also lived with him in Korat province for several months.”

Please share this image and contact the email in the poster should you have any info.