US Ambassador Creates Tinder Profile (April Fools’ Day)

 | Thu 31 Mar 2016 17:05 ICT

CityNew – 1st April 2016, US Ambassador to Thailand, Glyn T Davies, has reportedly created a Tinder profile in order to better connect with American Expats and Thai citizens alike. A staff aid reported that after recent comments created tension between Davies and the Thai government, “Davies wants to show he’s all about fostering love connections.”

The idea for a Tinder profile came to Davies when he was having lunch with several Peace Core volunteers in Nakhon Si Thammarat.


“The volunteers, they’re doing amazing work out here. Connecting with their communities and such. I’ve been having a little bit more trouble understanding Thai culture. So I asked them, yo what’s your secret?” Davies said.

“Of course some of them said the typical stuff like learning to speak Thai, sharing meals with Thai people, smiling a lot blah, blah, blah. But then this one girl mentioned how Tinder helped her get a language partner. And that was my aha moment!” Davies elaborated.

Davies decided that creating a Tinder account would keep US foreign policy in Thailand on the cutting edge and help the state department “keep an eye on, er I mean, connect with expat youth.”

So far Tinder has proved successful for Davies, and others are excited to see him using it as well.

“I’m so excited I matched with the Ambassador on Tinder, he’s so dreamy!” avid Tinder user, Veronica Bates, gushed. Unfortunately for Bates, as Davies’ Tinder profile clearly states, he is, “all about spreading the love, but already taken, only looking for friends.”

Surprisingly, a staff aid reported, “The Ambassador has matched with several Thai government officials.” Tinder seems to be helping the Thai-American relationship. “It’s a lot easier to communicate over Tinder with lots of emojis rather than in a stuffy conference room. Tinder really is the tinder to a successful connection between the Thai and American governments,” Davies said, smiling.