Up to 60 years in jail if caught destroying Doi Chiang Dao’s nature

 | Tue 14 Feb 2023 17:44 ICT
Following the spread of hotspots seen across the Northern region, Chiang Dao forest conservation authorities came out today to announce that they are implementing very strict punishments for people violating the law.
As of today, 14th February, there is to be zero tolerance for any invasion into the national parks of Chiang Dao. Anyone with any business in the parks will need to ask permission from authorities between 7am-6pm daily. 
Anyone violating these rules and entering the park without permission will face up to 30,000 baht fines. While anyone who builds, destroys, burns or does any damage to the environment will face between four to 60 years in jail and between 400,000- two million baht fines.