Two Underpasses Proposed for Nimmanhaemin

 | Mon 29 Jan 2018 05:25 ICT

CityNews – Nimmanhaemin Underpass and Wing 41 Royal Thai Air Force Base Underpass have been proposed.

Chiang Mai City Development Co. Ltd., is proposing underpasses for Nimmanhaemin and Wing 41 Royal Thai Air Force Base aiming to remedy the traffic issue in the areas. Dr Narong Tananuwat, the president of Chiang Mai City Development cited from a study revealing that the traffic issue on the inner ring road, especially in Nimmanhaemin area, could paralyse the traffic of the whole city. He added that there were over 10 million passengers arriving at the Chiang Mai International Airport each year, the highest number compared to the six million arrivals at the bus terminal and the two hundred thousand at the railway station. The Wing 41 Royal Thai Air Force Base Underpass will also help remedy traffic bottleneck in the area. The two projects are estimated to cost about five billion baht.

Dr Narong reportedly is confident about the projects as he said to Thansettakij saying “The possibility is high as air travel is very convenient, that’s why the airport is so flooded. And the airport is planning on expansion.” Meanwhile, he added, Nimmanhaemin is turning into a business district with many big projects established in the area including One Nimman and the approximate land value at 300,000 baht per sq wah (about 75,000 baht per sq m).