Truck and Trailer Accident Leads to Death of Driver

 | Thu 20 Oct 2016 06:53 ICT

CityNews – The Lampang police were alerted on the 19th of October of a truck pulling a digger that had fallen off the road down a cliff.

One body was discovered at the scene on a sharp bend on the the Wang Nua – Phayao Road. The cliff was around 120 metres deep and the body of Mitre Nimpetch, 44, from Chiang Rai was discovered strapped into the vehicle. His friend who had accompanied him survived and told the police that his friend and he were taking this digger from Chiang Mai to Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai.


The truck’s engine had cut and his friend the driver had tried to restart the vehicle. The vehicle began to slip backwards and he managed to jump out in time, though his friend was unable to make it out on time.