The Taxi Mafia Crackdown Continues

 | Wed 2 Jul 2014 20:16 ICT

CityNews – The National Council for Peace and Order’s (NCPO) have declared that their program to regulate and safeguard the commercial transportation system –  eliminating the taxi mafias who extort money from drivers and overcharge tourists (as we reported here) –  will be measurably successful by the end of the month, when preventative measures will be firmly in place.

The commander of the First Army Region, Lieutenant General Thirachai Nakwanich, again stated their commitment to reorganising public transport services at a second meeting yesterday, to addressing the issue, which has blighted the country for decades.

All passenger minivans, cabs and motorbike taxis must be registered as commercial vehicles, appropriately registered and carrying the correct yellow number plates. 

Minivans, by law, will be able to carry a maximum of 15 passengers, all of whom must be issued with safety belts.

The distribution of motorcycle taxi vests will also be addressed, as the fierce competition to these one often results in extortionate charges by the local mafia bosses – charges which in turn are passed down to the clients.  While existing motorcycle queues will be allowed to continue their business as usual, they will also be required to register their vehicles as commercial vehicles the month’s end.

The same registration crackdown will apply to private cabs.  All must be properly declared and display the appropriate plates.

It has not yet been announced exactly how these measures will be enforced.