The ethnic festival: Colors of Lanna Chiang Mai

 | Wed 30 Mar 2022 17:15 ICT

The ethnic festival: Colors of Lanna Chiang Mai

2-6 April, invite everyone to come to the ethnic festival. Colors of Lanna Chiang Mai, the 1st time by the Chiang Mai Provincial Tourism and Sports Office Leading the procession of tourism communities and ethnic groups in Chiang Mai to showcase products and services There will be many activities in the event, such as a cultural demonstration. , Product and handicraft activities, food tourism activities , exhibition activities, performing arts activities Culture and music from the community

This event was held 2 times.

‚ÄčThe 1st time with an exhibition of food and handicraft products and a mini concert from Ying Thitikarn will take place between 2-6 April 2022 at the Maya Chiang Mai Lifestyle Shopping Center.

‚ÄčThe 2nd exhibition of apparel products and products from the community and a mini concert from Gap The voice will be held between 22 – 26 April 2022 at Central Chiang Mai Airport.