The Demand for Clean Air

 | Tue 8 Oct 2019 15:00 ICT

CityNews – Over the weekend there was a small group discussion under the newly minted Chiang Mai Breathe Council to prepare for an important meeting to gather all sectors to create a brand (symbol) that will be applied to dust-free products.

The meeting is scheduled for November 3rd, with representatives from the Chiang Mai Chamber of Commerce, industry associations, banks, tourism, academic institutions, government agencies, civil society and community representatives who wish to change to a sustainable production method.

The group will discuss creating a brand, a logo and organisation structure to manage and promote community products that have switched from burning methods into new production that is environmentally friendly.

“Branding is needed for society to see the power of our cooperation…the power of the city to help the villages” said representative of the group.

Each product will have a story and QR code to tell about the origins, the producers, sources, previous stories of traditional production that caused pollution, dust, smoke, motivation for change and the current conditions of the production area

The group will then also work on the demand side to support the production.

This is another important step for the Chiang Mai Breath Council.

In addition to this activity, on October 14th, the group will brainstorm big ideas to organise a “Haze Free Day” in the city. The invitation is for all who are interested, Thais and expatriate residents.