Tham Luang to be Closed to Clear out Equipment

 | Fri 15 Feb 2019 16:39 ICT

CityNews – Tham Luang – Khun Nam Nang Non, now world famous for the Wild Boar team incident last year, is to be closed on February 19th.

After the rescue mission of the ‘Wild Boar’ footballers and their coach at Tham Luang – Khun Nam Nang Non, the Thai Navy Seal is scheduled to remove their equipment this month. Therefore, the cave will be closed on February 19th for the operation. A survey on January 17th by the Seal team and the British cave explorer Vernon Unsworth revealed that there are reportedly over 300 oxygen tanks left in the cave along with wires, water pumps, air ducts, power gels and such.

The local authorities revealed that some of the equipment will be kept for the museum that is planned to build in the future.