Thai Visa Owner in Court over Property Company

 | Tue 31 Mar 2015 02:01 ICT
CityNews РAccording to a report by British journalist Andrew Drummond, the owner of Thai Visa, the most popular forum for foreign residents and tourists in Thailand, has been charged with fraud in connection with Thai Visa Property Company.
George Anderssen, CEO and owner, recently added Property as part of an offshoot in partnership with Graham Beecham, a property developer looking to expand in Thailand.
Though Beecham and Anderssen are known as formerly good friends, Beecham was the one to level criminal fraud charges. The charges were accepted by a Hua Hin Court, and Anderssen will be required to pay bail on June 22nd, the day of the trial.
Thai Visa has enjoyed some notoriety over the past few years, particularly in regards to accepting advertising from dubious businesses, as well as becoming a space for foreigners to learn about, but much of the time complain about Thailand in general.