Tha Pae Gate pigeon mafia charge 100 baht per photo

 | Sat 10 Feb 2024 13:12 ICT
A Chinese tour guide has lodged a formal complaint after members of his tour group, posing for photographs in front of Tha Pae Gate were made to pay 100 baht each by the pigeon food vendors, claiming that it was their territory.

The guide said that members of his group were not interested in the pigeons, only wanting to take photos of the gate. However, some of the vendors began to accost them and tell them that the area was where they provided feed to pigeons which meant that any shots which had a pigeon in it would cost tourists 100 baht each.

A representative of the municipality say that they have staff patrolling the gate throughout the day, but vendors are fast to run away and return when authorities are out of sight. According to one vendor, who claims that she does not practice this habit, there is a gang of around 7-8 people who are the culprits.

Social media in China is already discussing this issue and the municipality said it is taking it very seriously.