Ten baht a dish and it’s going quick

 | Wed 21 Sep 2022 19:08 ICT
Ten baht dishes are attracting lines of hungry people in the Chang Pueak area, “And it’s delicious, said a regular who was standing in line.”
After opening a fortnight ago, ‘Khao Gang Khun Yai 10 baht’ set on Photharam-Jet Yod Road, is creating a stir on social media for not only being cheap, but also tasty.


A steady line of people arrive throughout the day, forcing ‘grandmother’ who likes to cook, to have to make two sets of food, each selling out by early afternoon. The average person we asked had a 30 baht bill, less if they use the Thai application where the government supports parts of the scanned payment.


Each day around 8-9 dishes are made, ranging from green curry to chili dips, bamboo soups to fried vegetables. All regular Thai dishes found in most markets and restaurants across the country. Each dish costs 10 baht; rice costs 10 baht. Fresh vegetables and water are free.    

“My grandmother loves to cook and she sold food for 40 years, so with this economy, we thought we would open up something for students, workers and those who are really struggling,” Phijak Uttarapan, the 26 year old grandson of ‘grandma’ told CityNews. “We have been open two weeks and have been really encouraged by the feedback. 
Closed every Sunday, food is sold from 6am until the pots run dry.   

Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/TWCTjNnC3YDHLciw8