TAT banking on nostalgia, nature and local culture to drive Northern tourism

 | Tue 10 Oct 2023 17:15 ICT

Pattaraanong Na Chiangmai, Director of TAT northern region and the director of TAT Chiang Mai launched a new project titled, ‘Chiang Mai the Greatest Change’ at JingJai Market this week.

Pattaraanong told reporters that the north of Thailand can expect upwards of 34 million Thai visitors in 2023, up from last year’s numbers by 17%, increasing tourism income to the region to 15 billion baht, up 23% from previous yeas.

The aim for the north in 2025 is to receive over 40 million Thai visitors, increasing income to the region to 18.6 billion baht.
TAT plans to promote ‘Northern Nostalgia’ as well as contemporary ‘Soft Power’, by promoting Northern lifestyle, festivals and smaller surrounding towns and cities.

To that end, TAT will focus its efforts on promoting the region to women, Gen Y, high end tourists and active seniors. Chiang Mai received 7.1 billion baht in tourism takings between the beginning of the year and August of this year, and the province hopes to reach 9 billion baht in income by the year’s end.

According to Pattaraanong, 2024 will see Chiang Mai focusing on Food, Festivals, Film, Fashion and Fit and Firm (retreats, wellness, adventure).
There will be four large scale projects:

Amazing Chiang Mai Retreat to promote spas, green kitchens, sports tourism, massage, and holistic holiday experiences to women.
Amazing Chiang Mai Workation which will be targeted towards working aged visitors who wish to cafe hop, visit sustainable communities and attractions and the slow life.

Vijitr Viang Ping project to target expats, encouraging them to spend their weekends visiting nearby and lesser known attractions in Chiang Mai province to promote meaningful travel and nostalgia. These will e responsible, voluntourism, sustainable types of activities.

Amazing Chiang Mai Road Trip will hope to attract the Gen Y with sub culture activities and adventure from glamping to music festivals, specialty teas and coffees to nature.

All of these projects will fall under the guidelines of TAT’s Sustainable Tourism Goals, with businesses to receive Sustainable Tourism Accleration Ratings (STAR) and e-certificates to reward them for complying and drive tourism to responsible operators.