Six More Men Under Investigation in Mae Hong Son Underage Sex Case After Confession By Nonthaburi Ministry Official

 | Wed 24 May 2017 09:03 ICT

CityNews – Another six government officials have been identified as using the services of an underage sex ring in Mae Hong Son after a confession made by a Nonthaburi official following accusations that he and other people from his province used the services after a party hosted by the Mae Hong Son Governor.

On May 21, Police Lieutenant General Commissioner Poonsub Prasertsak of the Provincial Police Region 5 spoke to the press regarding an update on the Mae Hong Son underage sex ring. He revealed that a Nonthaburi official, Chuchat Poungchin from the Ministry of Ban Mai sub-district Administration Organisation, confessed that he and a group of officials did visit Mae Hong Son and use the services of the underage sex ring at a party held by the Governor.

However, he also told police that the Governor of Mae Hong Son knew nothing, saying that he only first put the blame on the Governor to protect himself and his staff members.

He said that they were under the influence of alcohol and have apologised for their actions.

There are currently 38 cases open in connection to the Mae Hong Son underage sex ring investigation.

Six officials, some who are from Nonthaburi province, are now under investigation following the confession and victim statements, with three summons issued against three of the six people in question, one of whom is a local politician.

The Permanent Secretary Association Thailand also added that Boonyarit Nipawanit, the official who told police that Nonthaburi officials were using underage girls at a Mae Hong Son party hosted by the Governor, had provided information from second-hand sources so to encourage citizen to make their own judgement for the time being, despite the confession from the Nonthaburi officials themselves.