Sexy Soliders Sharing Selfies

 | Wed 11 Jun 2014 23:44 ICT

CityNews – From the beginning Thailand has been famous for some ridiculous Facebook pages and since the coup, another typically Thai page has been created sharing photos of handsome army boys.

A screenshot of the Facebook page

Named “ทหารหล่อบอกด้วย which translates to “If you see sexy soldiers, tell us”, has already attracted thousands of ‘likes’ and is dedicated to sharing pictures of handsome Thai army men.

In step with Thailand’s selfie culture, these portrait photos are shared anonymously on this page by being either uploaded by the owner or submitted by others (some submitted by the army man himself no doubt). A showcase of many, very good looking Thai army boys, which is just an extension of the new trend in sharing selfies with the army has become synonymous with the Coup.

Inundated with girls, women and the odd guy commenting on how handsome they are, these army boys are certainly getting a superb ego boost. With comments such as “that’s a big gun”,  “I wish I had a cloth to wipe your sweat”, “So edible and hot”, “I am exhausted just looking at the hot soldier” this can be added to the ever-growing list of ridiculous Facebook fan pages all over Thailand.