Sex Party in Chiang Mai Goes Viral

 | Mon 7 Jul 2014 20:17 ICT

CityNews – A restaurant bar on the canal road in Hang Dong has been at the centre of a scandal after footage of topless girl and a topless man joined in simulating lustful sex acts on the stage during a special party night on Friday, July 4th.

image sourced from Khaosot thai language article. 

The behaviour showed in the video, usually associated with sleazier types of venues, shocked and offended several partygoers who were expecting more of a regular night out. The video was posted on many forms of social media where it went viral, but has subsequently been taken down. Region 5 police are trying to find the person responsible for uploading the video, who may be charged under the Computer Crime Act.

There was uproar among users on social media after the video went viral, with mixed opinions expressed in the comments ranging from disgust to approval. The overall opinion is that the actions were wrong and not in line with Thailand’s conservative culture.

Following the controversy, a transgender nicknamed Kai, who also acted sexually on the stage (not in the video) attempted to commit suicide by taking poison. Her stomach was later pumped at a local hospital.

Although this behaviour is not uncommon for venues that specifically focus on sexual entertainment, for these actions to spread to a more “family friendly” venue has crossed the line for many, which has caused the outrage.