Roads Closed and Sewage Overflows Due to Heavy Rains Last Night

 | Wed 1 Jun 2016 05:28 ICT

CityNews – Many parts of Chiang Mai became flooded last night after over three hours of heavy rain swept across the city.


Insufficient drainage caused much of the flooding, causing several roads to close until the water drained away. Many shops and restaurants also closed due to the heavy rainfall.

Across Chiang Mai, the underground water level is already very high, so when it rains, sewers and drainage systems quickly become overwhelmed and water often is forced out of drain holes rather than into them.

As a result, sewage is often forced out of the drainage system and mixes with the flood water.

Many families suffer with flooding every year, and despite repeated requests from local villages to help fix the problem, many claim that little has been done to improve drainage across Chiang Mai.

The Northern Meteorological Department forecast widespread thunderstorms and isolated heavy rain across 60 percent of the north of Thailand between May 31 to June 2.