Researchers Turn Corn Husk into Animal Feed in a Bid to Solve the Pollution Problem

 | Mon 19 Mar 2018 07:35 ICT

CityNews – Chiang Mai University’s (CMU) Faculty of Agriculture has introduced animal feed from made from fermented corn husks to combat agricultural waste.

CMU’s Department of Animal and Aquatic Science, in collaboration with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (Northern Region) and the National Science and Technology Development Agency, introduced an animal feed created from agricultural waste at Mae Hia Agricultural Training and Research Center on March 18th. Dr. Montri Punyatong, of the Department of Animal and Aquatic Science and head of the research, stated that the project was initiated following the ongoing dust pollution problem, and has been under research since 2014 when it was confirmed that one of the main causes of smog was the incineration of agricultural wastes such as corn husks. Researchers believe that this could be an alternative solution for the animal feed producers. Using the concept of fermentation, the main ingredients are corn husks, rice bran and molasses mix with the EM fertiliser. The animal feed from this production can have 4 to 5% higher levels of protein than dried corn husks.