Rentors flood room before fleeing without payment

 | Thu 4 May 2023 18:59 ICT
A row of inexpensive rooms for rent (at 1,000 baht per month plus 500 baht deposit) was found to be flooded and its rentors had fled into the night in Mae Rim.

According to the owner of the eight bedroom set of rentals, a couple in their 50s, arrived with a teenage child, and claimed to have no money. Pitying them, she allowed them to merely put down 900 baht, after they pled poverty. The first few days passed without incident but then the couple began to drink heavily and have nightly loud fights in the early hours of the morning. Following multiple complaints, the residents woke up yesterday morning to find water had flooded the area. When they went into the rented room to inspect, they found the drain had been blocked and all taps left on full blast. No belongings were left in the room and even the curtains had been stolen. 

“I tried to do a good thing here, “ said the owner.