Rainmakers Bring Good Results With New Hygroscopic Flares

 | Fri 26 Aug 2016 04:57 ICT

CityNews – The Director General of the Department of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation visited Wing 41 yesterday to be presented evidence that the use of Hygroscopic flares are better than Hygroscopic substances previously shot out of the back of the airplane.


The royal rainmaking research began in 2007 after suggestions that letting the chemicals explode out in the air brings better results than dumping the substance out of the back airplane.

The switch over began in June 2016, and as a result,  Bhumibhol Dam, Sirikit Dam, Khwae Noi Bamrungdan Dam and Pa Sak Jolasid Dam has seen an increase of between 3,000 – 3,500 million cubic metres of water thanks to their efforts.

Over 42 days with 52 flights, the water in the Ping River has also increased by 4,000 million cubic metres. The results are far beyond expected levels and the department is already confident that there will be enough water to cover the next agricultural drought, expected to be a regular occurrence most years.