Rain by the end of the month – Meteorological Department

 | Thu 9 Apr 2020 17:20 ICT

CityNews – 9th April 2020, the Northern Meteorological Department announced that the weather in the area is currently relatively stable which is why it is retaining the large amounts of PM 2.5 particles in the air. They went on to say that with so much pollution coming from neighbouring countries, as well as the fact that Chiang Mai is in a basin, this current air pressure doesn’t allow for the release of particles, especially at night and the early morning.

With the afternoon heat, however, the air is released as it rises and clouds begin to form. The next few days will see more of this, combined with some wind from the south, there may be some more moisture added to the air.

The obstacle now, the department’s announcement went on to say, was the atmospheric winds higher up which are blowing in pollution from the west.

There is not much chance of rain this week, and next week has a better chance though it is more likely to rain by the end of the month. Yesterday the Royal Rainmaking Centre took an exploratory flight around the region but decided that conditions were insufficiently moist for an attempt to seed rain.