Property owner to offer 50k for ideas to develop 1sq.m of land

 | Tue 24 Oct 2023 13:11 ICT
Last week social media was all abuzz when it was posted that a one square metre piece of land near Chiang Mai University was up for sale for 100,000 baht. 

A young businessman, Nuttawut Patparatcha, 26, who owns numerous hostels in Chiang Mai has now bought the piece of land, saying, “I saw everyone talking about it online and when I had a look, I took no more than five minutes to offer them 100,000 baht for the land, even though the asking price was 80,000 baht. The reason was the feedback on social media was so creative. So many people, the youth, from across Thailand came up with great ideas as to what to do with it. Obviously you can’t have a business there or work there, but there are good ideas.”

Nuttawut went on to say that he has since put up an announcement saying that he will offer 50,000 baht for the best idea/design for development of this land.

“Any student in Thailand can make a submission and the winner will receive 50,000 baht. I will pay for any construction or development that needs to be put there,” said Nuttawut who went on to say that there could be artistic value in this land. he invites submissions to his Facebook page: De Carat and says that he will pick the winner by the 1st December.