Police Arrest Kidnappers Who Demanded 5m Baht Ransom

 | Thu 17 Jul 2014 19:58 ICT

CityNews – Police in Chiang Mai have arrested four debt collectors who kidnapped a couple and demanded a ransom of five million baht for their release.
A sting operation was planned, with the police offering to hand over the money at a shopping mall. Four gang members were arrested and two others, including the alleged leader, escaped.
The group of six allegedly forced Mr Thanasit Treepollaset, 44, and his wife Waranya Rachanon, 40, into a pickup on July 10. They were held in a motel in San Sai until Tuesday, when the arrests were made.
The gang stole a gold necklace, two gold bracelets and an iPhone from the couple, and allegedly assaulted both.
The couple’s family members, who were asked to pay a 5 million baht ransom, contacted the police, who then organised the sting operation. The alleged gang leader and mastermind behind the kidnapping, known only as Boy, managed to escape along with an accomplice named as Lek. 
The gang claimed Thanasit is a former drug dealer and owes them more than 30 million baht in drug money. Thanasit refused to comment.
The police used CCTV to identify Boy and identified him as a caretaker at an illegal casino in Bangkok. An arrest warrant is planned.