Pichit Police Arrest Banana Seller Turned Drug Smuggler

 | Wed 4 Jun 2014 17:20 ICT

CityNews— On the night of Tuesday, 3rd June, Pol. Lt. Col. Yindee Mekpho led Pichit Police to arrest a man who was found with 150 yaba pills, a .32 revolver, 50 bullets and a Nissan Almera sedan. The entrapment was set up after the officers were notified about a drug smuggler dealing to teenagers in Pichit.

Nathee Suk-ruang (45) confessed that he brought yaba from Bangkok and once he made his way to Pichit, he hid them in bananas purchased from the market. The bananas were left in plain sight on the passenger seat of his car while he made deliveries around the province. The whole hands of bananas were dropped off with Nathee’s customers, many of whom were teenagers. He allegedly sold 1,000 pills during each run for about 10,000 baht profit each time.

Nathee was previously jailed back in 2008 for five years for dealing 400 pills of yaba. After being released from prison in 2013, he is now being arrested with the same criminal charge against him.

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