‘People-Eating Road’ Claims Two More Lives

 | Fri 3 Oct 2014 20:53 ICT

CityNews – Two men died yesterday when their motorbike crashed into the side of a bridge at a notorious accident blackspot.

The accident occurred on a stretch of the Chiang Mai-Fang road in Chiang Dao’s Mae Na sub-district. The men were identified as Pramuan Laikam, 28, and Subin Khuanpet, 19, who both lived in the area. Police believe Pramuan had been riding the motorbike at high speed, with Subin seated behind him.

That stretch of the road has recently been expanded to four lanes after a contractor earlier left the construction incomplete. Fearful locals have nicknamed it “Endless road” and “People-eating road” after a high number of accidents occurred during construction. More than 10 people have died in accidents there in recent years, they say.

The residents believe that if someone dies in an accident, their spirits must remain at the scene until someone else dies at the same place.

Chiang Dao district office and Mae Na sub-district municipality say they will organise a merit-making service for the dead people at Ban Mae Na School on October 31. They believe this will stop the ghosts of those who died from taking the lives of any more residents.