Pantip Post Leads Police to Raid Home, Not Chinese Tourists but Relatives

 | Wed 7 Sep 2016 10:13 ICT

CityNews – Police raided a house in Karnkanok Ville 2 after neighbours complained on Pantip that the owner was illegally renting rooms to Chinese tourists who were making lots of noise day and night, but discovered a family of relatives on holiday.

chinese house raid

On September 6, Police including officers from the Tourist Police Division raided a house in a gated community in Doi Saket after complaints were made that it was being used as a resting place for Chinese tourists. The complaint was made to the police via a post to the popular forum website, Pantip.

The post shared photos and and claimed that buses would come at all hours of the day, picking up and dropping off Chinese tourists disturbing neighbours.

The house has been found on the popular peer to peer home rental website Airbnb. It also has a swimming pool, so many of the alleged tourists were reportedly outside at late hours, drinking and making lots of noise.

After the raid however, the owner of the house and her husband, a Hong Kong national, told police that the ‘Chinese Tourists’ were in fact visitors and relatives from Hong Kong. They did accept that they may have been disturbing neighbors, but denied using the house for a stop off for Chinese tourists.

The manager of the Karnkanok Ville 2 gated community told the police that the photos shared on Pantip and social media were up to three months old, but also added that the owners have been warned about loud noises on several occasions.

Without any firm evidence that the couple were illegally renting their home to Chinese tourists, police warned them that they would be coming back regularly to check they are not making too much noise.

The owners of the house told CityNews that they were planning on selling the house and moving due to all the negative interaction with their neighbours.