Over 100 students fell ill after eating at camp

 | Tue 14 Jan 2020 12:39 ICT

CityNews – 13th January 2020, at Sansai Hospital, Sansai district, Chiang Mai, rescue team and emergency doctors brought a large group of school students suffering from acute diarrhea from toxin in food to be treated.  Some children were forwarded to other hospitals in Chiang Mai.

Dr. Yuthasart Chanthip, deputy director of Sansai Hospital, later in that day, said that the children were in Mathayom 2 from Montfort School with 76 of them in Sansai Hospital while 50 children were moved to other hospitals (many parents took them to hospitals near their homes.)  They were given saline solution and other medication, including injection, according to the symptoms.

Around 30 doctors and nurses were dispatched to the school camp at Ban Chum Jit in Sansai to take care of students who were still in the camp.  The cause of diarrhea was from food but it was not known exactly which food.  Boiled chicken with sauce was suspected.  The investigative team collected samples of students’ lunch and their vomit to check.