Organiser of rotating money group was catfished

 | Tue 21 Jan 2020 13:49 ICT

CityNews – 20th January 2020, Kanchana Srikaew, 24 years old, reported to the investigative police of Chiang Mai police station that some unknown person had entered the Line group which speculated in money and paid off dividends to members, in Thai called tao share, of which she was the organiser.

The Line group, which has over 80 members, she told police, was run by her. However an unknown person had recently come into the group without her notice, had deleted her out of the group and pretended to be her, and also changed the photo profile, asking members to send money to her but to a different account.  One of the members had sent the sum of 43,000 baht to that person’s account while some others used their personal Line account to contact Kanchana out of concern, which is when the matter came to light.

Due to fear that more members might be cheated she reported the matter to the police claiming to be a victim of imposters.  The Line group that she originally set up for members to speculate and rotate money (specifics weren’t reported) has now been deleted, possibly by the imposter.  As for the member who lost money to the fake Kanchana, the police suggested that he/she should report to the police station located in the area where transfer of money occurred.